Print Newspapers are going down. Time to digitize.

Every day we hear that local newspapers are going broke. I myself as avid reader replaced my paper newspaper with digital format called e- newspaper. It is much cheaper and more efficient, not to say environmentally friendly.
Facts: To print papers is very expensive. The real estate, the equipment the personel and more are in the 100 of millions. The distribution of the physical paper by mail, delivery, tracks etc. ads to that expense, as it has to be delivered in person.  
On the other side the digital is much cheaper and the delivery is so much more efficient as it doesn't have to be in person and can be sent and shared anywhere at anytime with a click of a button. Also,  the content can be updated in real time. 
Today, most people are mobile and on mobile. That means that digital format and internet delivery makes more sense.
If we add mobile advertising to it, where the market is still not well organized, suddenly the newspapers can still survive and prosper if done right.
Let the newspaper create the content and then send it digitaly and make money from mobile advertising and create new ways to generate income, thru subscriptions, adverstisng and other services available via mobile app.  
eNewspaper is cheaper to buy that means that masses of people will afford to subscribe and read.