Traveul app

What can you do with Traveul app?


The Traveul app is a search and discovery application. Everything is organized in “All in One Place” for easy use. 

Install the AR2Find app from app stores and it will show you every business around you, be it coffee shop, hotel, nail salon, yacht charter the possibilities are endless.


How to use it?


  • Download the “traveul” from app store. Also check us out on  
  • Click on category of your interest, ex. Food & Drinks
  • Select the subject you are looking for ex. Restaurants 
  • View places on camera in the direction they are located
  • Or View List of nearby places of interest
  • Click on the restaurant you like to see, or slide to see other options, like coffee shops, etc..
  • View the page and on the very bottom you can call, open their website to make reservations, order food, etc…and get directions or ride.
  • You can also open the More button and watch video, open app, social media, newsletter and more.
  • You can open settings and search, select camera view, list view, map view and settings to set distance and visible places. 
  • Businesses that subscribed with us will send you an invitation the moment you open their page.