Traveul Business


What subscribed businesses can do with Traveul Business Portal? 


  • To subscribe got to and sign up. It is free.   
  •  Always make a note of your email and password. This is what you will need to log in to your account. You are the only one that can access your account.  
  • Claim your business, fill out the form.
  • Use promo code Amnon0. Don’t forget to click submit to get 100% discount. 
  • Insert your credit card. Your card would not be charged.
  • Remember your user name and password so you can access your account. No one has access to your account but you. No contract. You can cancel anytime
  • Once signed up, insert the image you like and the text which will show up in the Traveul app.
  • Now, from your account open “Push Notifications” link (on the top) and build a library of ads. You can put image and text. Only one Push Note is active at a time. To make an ad active click on Yes.
  • Once you have your page set, image posted, and at least one ad, download the Traveul app from Google Play or App Store and insert “Traveul” in the search box.
  • Once installed, open the app on your cell and open your business page, based on category and sub category you selected for your business. The ad you have created and is active will pop up. That’s how users that open your page will get it.
  • You can also use search to open your business. The search is on the top, once you open the settings (3 horizontal lines).
  • If you like the idea, send an email to all your contacts and customers to download the Traveul app and get your coupons or invitation notes.
  • Change the push notes from your account based on day, time etc…Changes show up in the Traveul app in real time.
  • Business can use the “Add links” to add videos, mobile apps, social media, email, etc…What you need to do is to insert links in the boxes.
  • Example if you want to add video that appears in Youtube, just copy and paste the link. 
  • You can always access your account from and log in. From there you can manage your business page.


Good Luck   



Advantages for joining Traveul Business: 


Push Notifications - Connect with your customers and potential new customers

Description - Personalize the description field with your own message

Image - Show the Logo / Picture of your choice

Links - Website - Mobile App - Social Media - Video

One Click Calling

Instant Directions - Uber and Lyft