“Forget your smartphone. What’s Next is even Bigger”.

“Forget your smartphone. What’s Next is even Bigger”.


You know what it is? Augmented Reality


Why 2018 Is the Beginning of the End for Smartphones


It was first stated by Jim Cook the CEO of Apple. Now it comes closer and closer to this vision.

We are just at the cusp of the AR revolution.

The transition from smartphones to smart wearables--earbuds that have biometric sensors and speakers; rings and bracelets that can sense our motion; glasses that record and display information--will forever change how we experience the world.

But AR gets even more interesting once it starts drawing on our personal data.

One of the most important trends emerging from this technology is one-to-one marketing: delivering the best possible information, within exactly the right context, to each consumer, regardless of the device she's using at that moment. It's been talked about for years, but with a flood of investment and increased computing power, major technology companies are finally zeroing in on creating a unique, personal experience for everyone. By combining locations and the objects within our view, along with our calendars, our contacts, and even our biometric data, the coming wave of AR will be designed specifically for each of us.

Traveul will be in the position to provide the right content, as each person will experience AR individually.  

All of which is to say that, in the not-too-distant future, we'll be making the physical and digital realms interchangeable. Think smartphones are addictive? You haven't seen anything yet.


Based on article by Amy Webb, the futurist.