We are very pleased to offer you Traveul WiFi because Your customers will be very happy to use it and You will be able to monetize from it.

WiFi Problem:

  • Locked by passwords
  • Confusing how to sign up
  • Insecure and not protected
  • No added value to the business

Traveul WiFi Solution:

  • Users can log in with their E Mails, Facebook or with other social media account
  • It is safe and protected
  • It Collects and track new customers data like Emails and other info
  • Now that you have your user's data collected, YOU can promote to them

Traveul WiFi becomes a phenomenal marketing tool which translates to more $$$ ROI for YOU

Watch our video to get a full understanding of the potential growth of your business using our Traveul WiFi

According to research 74% of smartphone users use Free Wi Fi.

As Stats show, at least 44% of all age group say that the availability of in store Wi Fi influences where they shop.

65% of restaurants guest make their decisions on Wi Fi in the restaurant.

50% of businesses in the US say that since Wi Fi became available shoppers spent more money.

WiFi has become the medium of choice. 2/3 of US consumers prefer WiFi to cellular.

YOU get CRM in back office, so YOU have total control of marketing and analytics.

1. Plug N Play with Access Point and Cloud Managed Control Panel

2. Capture email list while customers are at your location and then

3. Automate marketing campaigns.

1- Our technician will connect the Access Point to your WiFi Router.

2- Our technician will set you up.

3- You are up and running in minutes.

4- Watch your customers enjoying your Free WiFi.

5- Start promoting to those users.

6- Watch your ROI climbing like never before.

When connected to your Wi-Fi network, guests will be redirected to your portal, where they must log-in with an email address or Facebook account and accept the terms before gaining access to the Internet. Your landing page will have gift cards, Loyalty program, Social media deals and more.


  • Access Point one-time fee $49.00
  • Monthly subscription $99.00/month
  • Creating your monthly Marketing campaign $99/month
  • But You also have the choice to do it yourself
  • Our software is users friendly and easy to use