The Ultimate Marketing Autopilot System. Set it up and let it run.

WiFi Problem:

  • Guests need a password from you to get in
  • WiFi is Not always protected and secured
  • Slow Internet
  • No added value to you

Traveul WiFi Solution:

  • Guests log in with their Email, Facebook, Tel# or other social media accounts. No Password needed
  • Traveul WiFi is secure and protected
  • You can now make WiFi faster and promote it to your guests
  • Huge added value. Automated Marketing Tool that brings guests/customers again and again

Traveul WiFi becomes a phenomenal marketing tool which translates to more $$$ ROI for YOU

  • According to research 74% of smartphone users use Free Wi Fi.
  • Stats show, at least 44% of all age group say that the availability of in store Wi Fi influences where they shop.
  • 65% of restaurants guest make their decisions on Wi Fi in the restaurant.
  • 50% of businesses in the US say that since Wi Fi became available shoppers spent more money.
  • WiFi has become the medium of choice. 2/3 of US consumers prefer WiFi to cellular.

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YOU get CRM in back office, so YOU have total control of marketing and analytics.

  • Plug N Play with Access Point and Cloud Managed Control Panel
  • Capture email list while customers are at your location and then
  • Automate marketing campaigns.

Step 1: Connect
Guests connect to your open WiFi network without any password.

Step 2: Login
Guests are asked to login using their social media, email, or SMS to get access.

Step 3: Engage
After logging in, guests can see videos, images, social widgets and more.

Step4: Automate
Schedule guest emails, SMS messages and push notifications on autopilot Marketing.

Benefits of Traveul WiFi Marketing:

  • Better interaction with users
  • Custom Branding
  • Encourage repeat visits
  • Stimulate growth through social media
  • And boost your social media presence
  • Increase number of followers
  • Increase engagement
  • Increase Facebook page likes by X5
  • Fast and easy way to collect contact information
  • Easily create coupons for your customers
  • Recognizing buying power of your visitors
The Bottom line: Increased Sales.


  • Access Point one time fee $49.00
  • No Set Up Fees
  • Monthly fee $99.00
  • Monthly Marketing fee $79.00